Glass Production & Packaging


Wittig has been a trusted partner in the glass industry since more than 50 years. In fact there are machines we supplied in 1965 and they are still running today!

Wittig pressure and vacuum for the glass industry

A combination of unique design features and engineering refinement delivers real advantages for customers – including reduced energy consumption, increased uptime, lower total cost, and the critical reliability of air delivery, when the pressure is on.


Glass Industry Solutions

Special rules apply to the industrial production of packaging and bottle glass because the quantities required are very high and the production site must be able to keep up with this demand. The process does not allow any downtime – all systems are running in 24/7 operation, all year long.

When producing the hollow glassware large volumes of compressed air and vacuum are required. High quality and reliability of all units and components is of prime importance, because equipment failure during production invariably means extremely high costs. For continuous 24-hours operation, rotary vane compressors and vacuum pumps offer the best solution.

Wittig compressor and vacuum solutions for the glass industry
Wittig compressor and vacuum solutions for the glass industry

Features & Benefits

  • High volumetric efficiency allows low speed of only 900 - 1780 r/min
  • 2 bearings – no axial forces
  • Very low heat loss
  • Low energy consumption
  • Bearings can be changed on site
  • Perfect lubrication with oil film between vanes and housing (no wear)
  • Pulsation free compression
  • Low maintenance
  • High durability