Compressor Applications


Industry Applications

Cement Industry / Conveying / Handling

The glass industry requires large amounts of compressed air to
manufacture hollow glass. Above all, the machines and components used
to do this must be reliable and of high quality. In round-the-clock
operation, rotary vane compressors offer the optimal solution for this

Glass Industry

Materials handling and conveying are key concerns in the cement industry.
Here it is the compressor's job to produce compressed air for conveying
bulk material (cement) from one location to another, for example from an
incoming truck or rail car to some other container (such as a silo).

The key features that our customers look for are short start-up times, high
operating reliability, constant minimum reserve oil levels and top energy


To ensure that the operation of roadheaders in underground coal mining
does not need to be interrupted repeatedly so that compressed air lines
can be extended as necessary, Wittig developed a compressor that is
specifically approved for underground mining work. The compressor is
installed directly behind the roadheader in the power train.

The design complies with ATEX zone M2.