• The mining industry has long relied on compressed air systems for the most challenging environments

  • Safety, reliability and low operating costs are the core features of our compressors and vacuums

  • Specifically designed for handling natural gas, biogas, and other harsh processes in the oil and gas industry. 

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Methane Extraction

Mining is one of the largest and most significant industries across the globe. It is also one of the most dangerous. Mining for natural gases can pose many challenges and handling volatile gases takes high levels of precision.

One such risky gas is methane. After coal mines are shut down, coal mine gas, as well as methane, can continue to escape to the surface of the earth. This build-up of emissions can be very dangerous. The risk of ignition, as well as the dangers of actually breathing in the gas, are both challenging issues for miners.

Compressed air systems that are specifically designed for use in volatile environments can be very effective in extracting methane gas. Blowers and vacuum pumps for coal mining operations can safely extract, compress, process, and handle methane.

Wittig compressors for mining gas extraction


Wittig ROG series offers powerful gas compressors offering the utmost reliability. They are designed for an extremely long lifetime, safe operation, and minimum maintenance expense. They are the perfect solution for gas handling including biogas upgrading or for feeding gas into the grid for distribution.


Our focus and dedication on reliability and ease of maintenance mean that we have shifted from a reactive to a predictive culture where problems can be solved before they happen, by using our groundbreaking iConn platform to monitor the systems in real-time.


ATEX Certification

All of our compressors, vacuums, and blowers are ATEX certified for additional peace of mind. We ensure that our systems are designed with safety in mind, protecting your investment and the personnel who use it. This makes them the complete solution for air and pressure in the oil and natural gas sector.

Suitable for transporting explosive gases and vapours in explosion group IIB, temperature class T3 in zone 1.

Mining Applications

Methane gas extraction 

Landfill extraction 

Coal mine extraction 

Biogas upgrading