Use Wittig for Critical Hydrogen Applications

  • Hydrogen compressing in PVC Production
  • Environmentally friendly energy source with ever increasing significance across the world.
  • Wittig designed and Process optimized solutions specifically designed for the challenges of the Hydrogen market.
  • WITTIG Process Gas Compressor for Chlorine and Acetylene Production

What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a clean alternative to methane, also known as natural gas. It's the most abundant chemical element, estimated to contribute 75% of the mass of the universe.
Here on earth, vast numbers of hydrogen atoms are contained in water, plants, animals and, of course, humans. But while it’s present in nearly all molecules in living things, it’s very scarce as a gas – less than one part per million by volume.

Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biogas and renewable power like solar and wind. The challenge is harnessing hydrogen as a gas on a large scale to fuel our homes and businesses. 


The Future of Renewable Energy

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A fuel is a chemical that can be ‘burnt’ to provide useful energy. Burning normally means that chemical bonds between the elements in the fuel are broken and the elements chemically combine with oxygen (often from the air).

For many years, we’ve used natural gas to heat our homes and businesses, and for power stations to generate electricity; currently 85% of homes and 40% electricity relies on gas. 

Methane is the main constituent of ‘natural gas’ from oil and gas fields. We’ve continued to use natural gas because it’s a readily available resource, it’s cost effective and it’s a cleaner alternative to coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel that we historically relied on for heating and to generate electricity.

When natural gas is burnt, it provides heat energy. But a waste product alongside water is carbon dioxide, which when released into the atmosphere contributes to climate change. 
When we burn hydrogen, the only waste product is water vapour. For hydrogen to be a viable alternative to methane, it has to be produced at scale, economically and the current infrastructure needs to be adapted. WITTIG Compressors for Hydrogen handling are first choice for these applications.

Wittig RO-G

Our RO-G range of high efficiency compressors with direct drive can be either water-cooled or air-cooled and are designed for handling a wide range of gas applications, with a volume flow up to 6,000 m³/h and 15 bar(abs). The simple and robust design has few rotating parts, a small footprint, no need for a foundation, offers low noise and vibration, and is certified ATEX category II 2G Ex h IIC T3 Gb X